Tack on letters to spell words. Keep the chain going to rack up points. New chain every day.

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Note: the game won't run on if you use Chrome in Incognito Mode because Chrome blocks the game from accessing its local storage data. If you want to play in Incognito Mode, use the link above.

How to play

Tap a letter from the BANK to add it to the right side of the CHAIN. Existing tiles shift left as you add more.

Once a tile reaches the left side you get points for the longest possible word. Keep adding to the CHAIN to form words. Older tiles will drop off the left side.


When you make a word, you get points according to the following rules.

Base score: sum of letter values times length of the word.

Seven letter bonus: If you spell a seven-letter word, you get a bonus of Base points.

Combo bonus: If you score consecutive words you get a Combo multiplier bonus of Base times number of combos.

Play continues until you run out of turns.


AuthorBlake Watson
TagsOne-shot, Word game
Average sessionA few minutes

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